Moving Forward to the New Business of Healthcare

Delivering on value-based healthcare initiatives requires modern supply chain processes and evidence-based data. Migrating to a cloud ERP is the right start but essential to success is expanded automation and a solid data foundation. 

GHX cloud solutions powered by the GHX Unified Data Core

Exchange Enterprise for Cloud

Integrate a scalable, interoperable automated supply chain platform with your cloud ERP. Purpose-built for cloud ERP systems, Exchange Enterprise for Cloud is an advanced solution enabling a modern, resilient supply chain by maximizing automation and driving operational efficiency.

GHX Data Connect for Cloud

Establish a solid data foundation with continuously updated and enriched data. The GHX Cloud Data SKU delivers expanded item data that includes clinical attributes, purchase order history and contract data, all in your ERP.

Category Optimization for Cloud

Accelerate strategic sourcing initiatives with clinically driven analytics that unlock value beyond price. Category Optimization uses your health system's data to provide evidence-based savings strategies, spend and physician utilization insights, and tracking to ensure compliance.