GHX Solutions for Government Missions

GHX is a trusted provider of data management solutions, supply chain consulting, and vendor credentialing services to the Defense Health Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, and many active military hospitals.

Exchange Services: Drive down supply costs

GHX Exchange Services provide healthcare organizations with a single electronic data interchange (EDI) connection to reach more than 600 med-surg suppliers. GHX Exchange Services automate the ordering process to reduce manual work and gain visibility into all orders. GHX eliminates barriers to getting products to clinicians and provides real-time access to transaction detail and vendor information.

Contracting: Control spend with increased visibility

GHX contract management solutions put contracts to work for significant savings. The healthcare industry’s only real-time repository of contract pricing with a three-way price match – purchase order (PO), acknowledgement, and contract price – helps ensure correct purchase prices. GHX improves contract utilization with the industry’s only source of supplier-verified data.

Vendormate Credentialing: Improve patient safety and regulatory compliance

GHX Vendormate Credentialing helps you manage your vendors and their representatives in a cost-effective way to meet your goals for patient safety, regulatory compliance, internal controls, and facility access requirements. Facility managers can customize access procedures and requirements for any location.

Data Management: Data is critical to the health of your supply chain

GHX data management solutions are the way to achieve more accurate, up-to-date, standardized data in your materials management information system (MMIS). Data is continuously monitored for changes and validated against the GHX Catalog to help ensure accurate updates with minimal maintenance and redundancy. Clean data flowing through the organization’s internal systems improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire supply chain.

FedRAMP Authorization

While not yet assigned a FedRAMP PMO or an Agency ISO, GHX has performed a FedRAMP readiness validation to meet future Agency ATO and subsequent FedRAMP authorization requirements as a trusted Cloud Service Provider: 

  • Many FedRAMP and VA Handbook 6500 controls are in place today within the current GHX Security Program.
  • This GHX Security Program and control framework is based upon NIST, PCI, HIPAA/HITECH and other standards.
  • GHX already has annual GHX SOC1 & SOC2 audit reports.
  • GHX has conducted a government-specific application analysis to identify any additional controls and testing needed in general for future requirements.

The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University today announced plans to provide strategic recommendations to the nation’s military to improve patient care for service members.

GHX Solutions for the U.S. Government

GHX Solutions for the U.S. Government

GHX offers federal agencies the power of the leading healthcare supply-chain solutions to deliver better care at lower cost for military service members, veterans and other beneficiaries.

For more information on GHX government solutions, contact:

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Director, Strategy & Business Development
US Government Accounts

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Chief Information Security Officer, VP Global Operations & Infrastructure
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