GHX Vendor Credentialing

Build a culture of vendor credentialing compliance

Integrate credentialing compliance into the fabric of your organization to confidently manage the new business of healthcare. Vendormate Credentialing has you covered with people, process, insights and technology. 
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*Regulatory Overload Report, American Hospital Association, 2017

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Vendormate Kiosk

Faster, safer healthcare facility check-ins for vendors

In our continued efforts to expedite the check-in process, while maintaining safety and security—we offer the Vendormate Kiosk. The kiosk can provide a single point of access with badging capabilities for vendor representatives arriving at your facility. This one-stop access point can be monitored remotely and was designed with safety practices in mind. This includes options for an integrated thermometer for quick temperature checks, wellness screenings and offers contact tracing capabilities.

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Mobile Hospital Access

Credentialing Compliance

Supporting your compliance goals

The target is enterprise-wide. But compliance is complex and rapidly evolving. Vendormate Credentialing helps you manage credentialing compliance across your organization with our five-part framework, experienced team and purpose-built technology.  

  • Health System Compliance: Standardize across the system 
  • Vendor Compliance: Register all vendor entities 
  • Individual Compliance: Register all vendor reps 
  • Document and Policy Compliance: For all vendors and their staff
  • Badging and Facility Access: We recommend "no badge, no entry"

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Supply Chain Compliance

Vendormate Credentialing

Weave compliance into supply chain

Steer clear of unknowingly purchasing from sources that are sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Vendors registered with Vendormate Credentialing are screened for sanctions. Companies that fail sanction screening are flagged at the purchase order transaction level using Vendor Compliance Insights through GHX Exchange Enterprise. This critical visibility into a vendor’s sanction status can help your organization avoid potential fines or revenue loss. 

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