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Simplify Bill-Only Implant and Consignment Orders

The way your hospital manages bill-only implant and consignment orders is broken. GHX can help.
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From inventory tracking to billing and coding, the processes for managing bill-only implant and consignment orders can be highly complex. GHX can help you eliminate manual steps, improve cross-functional collaboration and partner more effectively with suppliers.

GHX Solutions for Bill-Only Implant and Consignment Order Automation

Value Analysis
Device Standardization

GHX helps manage and document evaluations of implants with access to clinical evidence to inform value analysis discussions with physicians.

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Order Automation
Digitized Documentation

GHX validates, enriches and transforms order and invoice transactions, enabling faster, touchless and more accurate processing through electronic formats.

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Inventory Management
Streamlined Order Entry

Staff scan consignment implants and related supply data electronically into the EHR and ERP, reducing manual entry and helping ensure accuracy.

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Invoice & Payment
Automated Communication

GHX automates order and invoice processing with suppliers for consignment implant order placement, confirmation and invoicing.

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Inventory Management
Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Real-time visibility into implant and related supply availability, pricing and ordering processes helps to streamlines communication with suppliers.

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Data-Driven Insights

GHX analytics generate reports, track trends and reveal insights into purchasing patterns, financial performance and implant utilization.

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