Education & training

Syft University

Whether your hospital is just starting its supply chain optimization journey or is a long-time customer, Syft is here to ensure all of your users are prepared to succeed with Syft University (Syft U).

What is Syft University?

We know how hard your team works, and how difficult it can be to take on new projects and initiatives. That’s why we designed Syft to be easy to implement and use, and why we developed Syft U to provide hospitals with further support. Syft U is a learning management system that your team members can access on-demand at any time.


Syft University Features

Virtual environment

Syft University provides secure access to training resources at the customer’s convenience, and allows individuals and teams to enroll and learn at their own pace with tailored learning experiences.

Onboarding & training

Syft U streamlines the onboarding and training of new hospital staff and standardizes training for Syft Synergy users by role and/or department.

Sustainment program

This program allows users to access relevant training materials beyond the initial Syft Synergy implementation to ensure their continued success as new versions of the software is released.