The Supply Chains of Distinction Award recognizes GHX Exchange-connected provider organizations that are driving best-in-class efficiencies by most successfully executing perfect order metrics during a calendar year. Winners represent the top 25 performers in each of three organizational segments: small, medium, and large.

2023 is the inaugural class for the new GHX Supply Chains of Distinction Award.
Organizations named to the 2023 class will be announced by news release and displayed here in early 2024.

To qualify for the Supply Chains of Distinction award, provider organizations must have:

  • Four complete closed quarters on the GHX Exchange (from first PO date)
  • Maintained a monthly average of 200 POs throughout the calendar year

How award recipients are chosen

The Supply Chains of Distinction Award is based upon a set of “perfect order” metrics, rated as a percentage of PO lines sent across the GHX Exchange (integrated) that are touchless and completely automated, from purchase through payment. The line must satisfy all the requirements below to be rated as “perfect”:  

    1. PO Line has a corresponding POA Line
    2. PO Line has a corresponding INV Line
    3. PO Line without Item Number Exception
    4. PO Line without Unit of Measure Exception
    5. PO Line without Unit Price Exception
    6. PO Line without a Rejection Exception
    7. PO Line without a Quantity Exception 

Metrics will be measured on a full calendar year basis, January 1 – December 31, then ranked. The top 25 ranked organizations in each segment—small, medium, and large—will be named that year’s award recipients.

GHX Exchange-connected organizations may view these metrics in the Perfect Order Dashboard within the Supply Chain Analytics (SCA) app.


Details about the Segmentation Model

Rankings are segmented into small/medium/large bins based on hospital GHX Exchange integrated PO spend for a rolling 12 months. Organizations must maintain a monthly average of 200 purchase orders throughout the calendar year to be included in the rankings. Segments are arranged by:

  • Equal Frequency Binning Model - equal size bins
  • Bins based on rolling 12-month integrated PO spend through GHX

**The bin ranges may shift month to month due to the equal frequency binning model.