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January 2022
Are We Still ‘In This Together?’: Healthcare Supply Chain Faces the Great Resignation

With featured advocates Brian Dolan, Vice President, Resource Management, Bayhealth Medical Center, and Ryan Rotar, System Director, ERP Solutions, UNC Health

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the start…

January 2022
Trends for 2022 and Beyond for Medical Device Company-to-Hospital Supply Chains

Following nearly two years of disruption from a global pandemic, natural disasters, and even an unprecedented shipping canal blockage, trends that emerged out of necessity are now more likely the…

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January 2022
Revenue Integrity Depends on Data Accuracy, CDM-IM Connectivity
Like any decent recipe where the slightest ingredient deviation in amount/measurement or type can change the taste of the end product, so goes the accuracy and integrity of an organization’s revenue stream with the inclusion of erroneous or missing...
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November 2021
GHX Vendormate Outlines Five Best Practices for Hospitals and Health Systems to Reach and Maintain Optimum Vendor Credentialing Compliance

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