GHX Invoice and Payment

Accounts Receivable Automation to Help You Get Paid Faster

Digitize invoices and payments for cost-saving efficiency and better cash flow.
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GHX eInvoicing

Digitize and consolidate 100% of your invoices with GHX eInvoicing

You can transact all invoices (PO and non-PO) electronically, regardless of your customers’ digital capabilities. Less paper processing and greater visibility to disruptions upstream can help expedite provider payments and reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO). 

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Epay Unified Platform

GHX ePay

Automated payments and accelerated cash flow

GHX ePay, the only healthcare-focused e-payment solution, delivers mutual value in multiple ways. This touchless payment solution helps you get paid faster and reduces costly payment modes. At the same time, your customers find value in multiple payment strategies through a single electronic portal with automated, pre-established incentives for prompt payment.

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What Customers Say

“Our customers are motivated by the rebates and ease of doing business through ePay. Having a single platform that feeds into their local enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provides corresponding operating cost savings beyond the rebate benefits.”

Large Medical Device Manufacturer