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We provide a full range of intelligent e-Commerce and supply chain solutions specifically designed for the complex world of healthcare. Our technology processes millions of purchase orders and invoices a year across Europe. Each one is cleaned, checked and processed in a matter of seconds, helping you comply with the latest regulatory standards and requirements.

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We connect thousands of healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and distributors with hospitals and GPOs. Our technology enables the right devices, equipment, services and medicines to flow efficiently through the European healthcare supply chain.

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November 2021
Rethinking Supply Chain Models for the Digital Age
The healthcare sector’s supply chain operations felt unprecedented strain during the pandemic. How can we use lessons learnt during the past 18 months to rethink supply chain models for the digital age? Read Kevin Sample’s latest article for Supply Chain World on how supply chain professionals can best utilise new advances in digitalisation through a hybrid approach to procurement and logistics.
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July 2021
GHX Launches Procure Platform to Give UK Healthcare Providers More Control over Requisition and Inventory Management

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