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Automation and advanced technology work together to improve order transaction accuracy and deliver a smoother experience.
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Order Transaction Automation

Expand Automation with Exchange Advantage

Order transaction automation with an expanded customer base is the foundation to scale operations and improve transaction data accuracy. Incorporating automated product data distribution and business rules that validate order accuracy at the line-level against the GHX Catalog help strengthen your foundation and further improve data accuracy. This fortified proactive approach helps you fast track from order to invoice.

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Experience the value of working electronically

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Replace complicated, multiple point-to-point connections with a single integration

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Improve exception rates with real-time order visibility and enriched data

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Get visibility into the root cause for exceptions

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Manage consignment, bill only and drop-ship with advanced, rule-based logic

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Fast-track from Order-to-Cash with more accurate data

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Gain insight with interactive and configurable analytics tools


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Find out how to achieve more accurate order transaction data, boost efficiency and accelerate from order to invoice with GHX Exchange Advantage.

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