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Get paid with optimal value and efficiency

The cost of getting paid is going up. Automation can help drive customer payment behavior for fewer fees and faster payments. 
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Control Capital Unified Platform

Gain more control over DSO and working capital with a unified payment platform

Experience faster, more predictable payment schedules, reduced fees and increased efficiency with GHX ePay.

  • Gain increased visibility into your cash position for smarter reporting and planning
  • Reduce fixed costs, DSO and margin-eroding payment fees
  • Pay fees only when DSO is within 15-day average
  • Onboard in days with minimal to no IT resources 
  • Harness the power of the GHX community connecting suppliers and providers for 20 years 

A full-service payment platform and a unified solution

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Drive faster, more predictable payment schedules for an average DSO of 15 days or fewer

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Reduce margin erosion payment fees

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Streamline your AR processes by moving toward complete automation in your order-to-cash processes

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Manage how payments are received, including early-pay discounts, using a provider preferred AP platform

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Reduce fixed costs and be prepared for new growth opportunities

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Combine Epay Invoicing

GHX eInvoicing for Suppliers

Take accounts receivable performance to the highest level

With GHX eInvoicing you can transact up to 100% of your PO and non-PO invoices electronically, regardless of your customers’ digital capabilities.

Digitize this process so you can eliminate paper, gain better visibility into the invoice-to-payment process, and expedite customer payments for lower DSO and quicker access to cash.

At the same time, you enhance your customer experience by streamlining their AP processes through digital transactions that deliver valuable data to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for critical analyses, including daily cash forecasting.

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