Data Management

Get Your Data in the Right Hands

Your product data stored in an ERP or on a spreadsheet is limited in how it serves healthcare, but when it is delivered to customers and regulatory agencies with proper attributes, it begins to build value. Accurate and useable data — your customers need it and regulations require it. GHX can help you get your product data delivered where needed — with efficiency, accuracy and long-term value.

 Health ConneXionSM

Health ConneXionSM is the only healthcare-focused data pool certified by the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN). You can leverage your existing connection to GHX to more readily participate in the GDSN without significant implementation costs. If you’re not connected to the GHX Exchange, you can still access GDSN-certified data through Health ConneXion as a standalone service.


  • Access to more accurate product data within new global standards
  • Healthcare-specific focus
  • Input from leading government agencies, industry associations and GS1
  • GS1’s GDSN-certified data pool


  • Help lower the cost and effort associated with implementing standards
  • More easily comply with new global standards
  • Take advantage of global supply chain transparency
  • Benefit from a single point of truth

What is GDSN? Why is it important?

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is the world’s largest product data network.

Any company that needs to send or receive product information can take advantage of GDSN by subscribing to a data pool. Your data pool will enable you to set up your product content and synchronize it with all of your trading partners. You can then communicate reliable data for all markets at one time.

Benefits of GDSN:

  • Share real-time product content with all electronic trading partners simultaneously
  • Decrease data management time and costs
  • Reduce manual processes and reduce errors, generating quality
  • Bring new products to market quickly and easily
  • Enable brand transparency to consumers and patients


Talking the Same Language — Standards Adoption

Simplify catalog maintenance

Manufacturers can easily upload and publish product data to AllSource® in order to provide customers with easy access to current catalog items through the GHX Catalog and enable Order Intelligence to improve purchase order accuracy. The up-to-date product information found in the GHX Catalog, used by healthcare providers, contributes to more accurate orders, and sourcing and contracting information.