GHX Exchange

eCommerce powered by transparency and collaboration

Being a preferred vendor and delivering a remarkable customer experience are critical to success — but you also must keep a sharp eye on productivity and costs. GHX helps you digitize business processes to do all of this.

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Preferred Supply Chain Vendor
Preferred Supply Chain Vendor

Gain cost saving efficiency and enhance customer relationships

GHX Exchange automates the ordering process and provides you visibility into current purchase order data for all orders placed, allowing for management by exception. The most common challenges associated with transaction management are addressed with a streamlined order view, detailed order transaction information and the ability to communicate with your trading partners.

Building Trust Customers

Designed to meet the specific needs of your business

  • Map e-commerce at an individual customer level
  • Apply specific business rules to automatically correct errors
  • Generate cleaner, better quality line item content
  • Map information at the item level for more effective order clearing

Simplify catalog maintenance

Manufacturers can easily upload and publish product data to AllSource® to provide customers with easy access to current catalog items. Up-to-date product information found in the GHX Catalog contributes to more accurate orders, and sourcing and contracting information. Dynamically add new attributes, including custom attributes, based on your specific needs.