Order Trust

Cut down manual and costly order processing

Simplify your order processes including complex implant orders and non-integrated supplier orders with a unique combination of technology and managed services.

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This is total order management—even for implant orders

Bill-only and bill-and-replace orders are some of the most complex and expensive items that you order and are associated with critical revenue generating procedures. Automating these orders with Order Trust presents an opportunity to see improved margins from better contract compliance. Order Trust works with implant supplier vendors and is generally flexible enough to route orders in the preferred method for the supplier, regardless of their EDI setup.

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Simply use the same ordering process for all trading partners

Regardless of digital trading capabilities, you maintain the same standard ordering process for all your trading partners. Order Trust handles sending and confirming orders. Connectivity to your non-integrated suppliers is achieved through our managed service. Purchase order acknowledgements (POAs) are delivered and found on the GHX Exchange dashboard, driving savings, efficiency and confidence that you will have the right products when they are needed.