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Contract Manager

Turn CHAOS into CONTROL in the contracting workflow

Contract Manager positions you to solve the challenges of contracting -- vendor validation, managing negotiations and document workflow, and access and storage of contracts/documents. Contract Manager makes keeping up with the contacts, dates, and terms associated with your vendor contracts easy.


  • Simplify contract management with a single, secure online portal
  • Expedite contract and document workflow in a paperless environment
  • Check that business partners are valid and in good standing
  • Easily implement the solution across your organization -- no hardware required
  • Maintain visibility of contracts throughout the approval process


  • Single online portal -- no more paper
  • Advanced search using contract meta-data
  • Unique contract URLs for application sharing (e.g. ERP systems,
  • Online document sharing/exchange with built-in audit trail
  • Current financial and legal data on business partners
  • Customizable reporting
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