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Your organization runs on data. Make sure it’s the right data—with a
modern item data strategy from GHX.

The new business of healthcare relies on data

Every day you make consequential decisions and forecasts based on data. Supply chain data. Clinical data. Compliance data. Financial data. All of it comes in many forms and from many sources—including supply chain applications, external databases and telehealth data sources.

So, moving your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the cloud makes sense. But even the best cloud ERP system is only as good as the data you put in it.

verifying Data Ports

Inputs change literally millions of times a year. This is not a one-time challenge. It's a continuous process of verifying and validating information, data sources and connections.

Maintaining clean item master data is key to a high-performing cloud ERP system

Success in the era of value-based care relies on a modern item data strategy that unifies disparate data types on one centralized platform spanning departments, facilities and the entire care continuum, so that everyone can make decisions based on a single version of the truth. GHX can improve the reliability of the data you depend on and help maximize the value of your investment in a cloud ERP solution.

Why invest in a cloud ERP system only to have better access to bad data?

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Our cloud ERP partnerships

GHX is proud to be an Oracle Gold partner and a Workday Select partner.

Our healthcare expertise and modern data core, combined with the cloud and integration expertise of our partners, helps ensure a smooth transition to a cloud ERP system.

GHX - Workday Select Partner

GHX - Oracle Gold Partner

We’re collaborating with Oracle and Workday to deliver powerful supply-chain management solutions that help:

Automate the entire procure-to-pay process

Automate the entire procure-to-pay process

Enable analytics and insights that drive performance

Enable analytics and insights that drive performance

single source of truth

Establish a single source of truth to inform planning, sourcing and decision-making

Healthcare’s ally for moving supply chain to the cloud

Of course, there are risks in any IT transition of this size. The key to minimizing risk and maximizing the return on your investment is data quality. That’s where GHX comes in—with a platform that can provide a unified view of different data types and sources; and implementation expertise specific to the unique demands of the healthcare industry. Our API-based integration solutions help ensure compatibility with your systems and your trading partners’ systems.

GHX is ready to help you move your critically important supply chain systems to your new cloud ERP

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We are the strategic data platform for healthcare
GHX has worked with leading healthcare organizations to perfect innovations in supply chain data management, commerce and automation.
US acute care market relies on GHX solutions 

Are you ready to move your critically important supply chain systems to your new cloud ERP?

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