Warehouse and Distribution

A trusted solution for hospital inventory management and optimization

Syft Synergy is a scalable inventory management platform that helps to manage warehouse and distribution activities for some of our nation’s largest IDN and health systems. 

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Keeping an eye on the future

Syft Synergy is a configurable workflow engine designed to accommodate evolving workflow, business, and industry requirements. Stay ahead of the curve with a system that adapts to your needs and evolves with the latest industry advances. 




Distribution inventory management solutions

Syft Synergy distribution management solutions enable a closed-loop accounting of inventory replenishment processes for both stock and non-stock supplies. Syft Synergy supports multiple replenishment methodologies including perpetual, PAR, 2-bin Kanban and hybrid approaches. Hospital supply chain teams leverage Syft Synergy to:

  • More easily capture product ID, PO, LOT, serial number and other key supply data using mobile technologies 
  • Better manage JIT, non-stock PO and non-PO inventory items 
  • Proactively manage expiring products and LOT/Serial recalls as needed 
  • Capture rebates and credits from vendor returns 
  • Streamline periodic inventory management across perioperative, procedural and other clinical areas 

Actionable insights and analytics

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Gain real-time insights into key inventory data components such as supply utilization, velocity and turnover

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Optimize stock location items across warehouse, distribution and clinical areas

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Adjust inventory levels based on supply utilization velocity and turnover

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Monitor active warehouse and clinical operations to help ensure clinical supplies are available for patients