Syft, a GHX Company, Achieves Imprivata Single Sign-On Certification

Imprivata’s Tap-and-Go functionality helps save clinicians time from cumbersome, repetitive login processes
Louisville, CO — Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Syft®, a GHX company, today announced that its holistic supply chain management platform, Syft Synergy™, has achieved Imprivata’s single sign-on (SSO) certification. Imprivata is the digital identity company for mission- and life-critical industries. Integration with Imprivata allows users to more seamlessly authenticate into the Syft application, without manual entry of passwords, leveraging their trusted digital identity with Imprivata.

"Clinical users move from location to location frequently and are logging into multiple applications and devices daily," said Beth Kaylor, RN, senior product manager at Syft. "Thanks to feedback from our Voice of the Customer program, we know this is a pain point for our customers. Repeatedly logging into different applications is not only frustrating for staff, buttakes time away from patient care. Imprivata’s proximity card authentication and SSO functionality makes nurses’ lives easier, and in the midst of a labor shortage, every minute counts."

"Across our organization, we are continuing to advance offerings throughout the entire health system, especially at the point of care, to develop solutions health systems want and need," said Steve Herz, executive director of product management at Syft. "The Imprivata access management and authentication functionality, enabling SSO into our application, is an important part of our focus on simplifying workflows for clinicians."

Syft Synergy’s integration with Imprivata’s access management and authentication solutions enables users to quickly log in to Syft applications on their Android devices leveraging the same badge-tap functionality that already enables access to shared endpoints and other critical systems in many healthcare settings. For clinicians, this means simplified login to the point-of-use Supply Capture desktop application; for system administrators and supply technicians, this integration allows for streamlined authentication to Syft Synergy tools on supported Android mobile devices. Syft is now listed on the Imprivata website as a certified Android Mobile Application Partner.

Rolled out for supply-side users in June 2022, Syft Synergy 4.5 (version 4.6 expected in April 2023) includes a newly redesigned mobile user interface that helps greatly simplify workflows. Visit the GHX website for more information on Syft Synergy’s holistic supply chain optimization capabilities.

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