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Cloud Computing’s Power to Break Down Healthcare Data Silos

posted by: Peter Nelson, Vice President, Product Management, GHX
Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The healthcare industry is constantly challenged to do more with less, while still providing an outstanding level of patient care. Technology advances have been a reliable driver of healthcare efficiencies that help lower costs and streamline processes. These advances extend beyond clinical functions to include healthcare IT itself. Hospitals and their vendor partners who embrace cloud technology will realize significant efficiencies that lead to better resource planning and improved business transactions.

In my most recent blog post on, I share my insights about how the adoption of cloud computing can eliminate the costs associated with the constant cycle of reinvestment in technology infrastructure and how the cloud helps connect disparate data within and outside of an organization with its vendor partners. The result? A new, unprecedented level of transparency to drive faster business transactions with minimal hassles and better overall care for patients. 

Nowhere is the cloud more of a game changer than with enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). A cloud solution enables easier access to the ERP system for administrators, vendors and trading partners alike. The cloud also enables access to other internal and external systems, such as supply chain management systems. Previously this would have been achieved through a costly custom-built solution but can now be achieved with a low-cost third-party app.

I’m excited by the cloud’s enormous potential to modernize our industry, enable better communication between trading partners, and deliver the cost efficiencies we’ve so eagerly sought. GHX has long been a proponent of the strength of cloud computing and this will continue to inform our ongoing product strategies for the benefit of both provider and supplier organizations.