Re-engineering Value Analysis: Patient Centric and Outcomes Driven

Barbara Strain Director of Value Management, University of Virginia Health System

Nov 03 2015

Traditionally, value analysis has been focused at the product level, whether the product is new, a replacement, or for enhanced use. Over time, the value analysis continuum shifted to standardization of products across various clinical practice lines and, more recently, to utilization of the right product at the right time. These transitions have created a more efficient clinical environment while contributing to overall cost savings. Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, providers are acutely focused on value based purchasing including but not limited to preventing hospital acquired conditions such as CAUTI, CLABSI and Pressure Ulcers to improve overall safety and patient experience. Value analysis professionals are now contributing members within institutional quality, safety and performance improvement teams, assisting in removing non-value added steps or products while creating standard work.

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