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Value Analysis Solutions for Healthcare Supply Chain

Transform your clinical supply chain management with GHX Value Analysis. Our solutions integrate supply planning with clinical insights, helping to cultivate operational excellence and enhance the patient experience.
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Optimize Your Clinical Supply Chain with GHX Value Analysis

GHX Value Analysis tools provide health systems with critical tools for clinical supply chain management. From advanced analytics to consulting services, our offerings ensure that supply chain partners work in tandem with clinical teams, leading to cost-effective and quality-assured care delivery.

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Benefits of GHX Value Analysis Software & Services

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Improved Patient Outcomes
Enhanced patient care through reliable and effective supply chain management.

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Reduced costs
Operational efficiencies lead to lower costs in supply chain and clinical operations.

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Increased efficiency
Streamlined supply chain processes deliver supplies needed without delay.

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Stronger collaboration
Greater communication between value analysis and clinical teams.

Clinical evidence and strong value analysis workflows are critical to cultivating a clinically integrated supply chain.

GHX Value Analysis: Products and Features

Product Introduction Management

GHX enables a modernized, sophisticated product review that engages physicians, standardizes value analysis processes and helps ensure that product approvals are limited to only those products that have demonstrated improved clinical value.

  • Evidence-based device selection
  • Integrated workflow for device request management
  • Collaboration tools for clinical program councils and value analysis committees
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Category Optimization

GHX uses data pulled directly from your health system to provide evidence-based savings strategies, spend and utilization insights, and tracking capabilities to help ensure your initiatives are on-target and compliant.

  • Strategic analysis of device spend
  • Clinical evidence integration
  • Monthly refreshed data for strategic planning
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Physician-Level Analytics

GHX analyzes physician-level medical device utilization to provide evidence-based and clinically relevant insights that help support sourcing decisions and variation management.

  • Real-time utilization data
  • Insights into physician preferences and behaviors
  • Support for clinical engagement
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Clinical Integration Consultancy Services

GHX provides dedicated project management and analytical support to help facilitate and drive savings goals and gain alignment with physicians.

  • Expert guidance on clinical supply chain optimization
  • Support for project management and stakeholder engagement
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Clinical Integration Case Studies

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The Clinical Integration Maturity Model

Assessing your clinical supply chain's current integration state using a range of factors is the first step to developing strategic goals that are challenging and achievable.

The GHX clinical integration maturity model outlines the stages of integrating supply chain management with clinical teams, driving improvements in patient care and supply efficiency.

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