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GHX provides the data, insights and expertise you need to carry out leading-edge sourcing and standardization projects for clinically sensitive products. 
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Actionable information like never before

Overcoming these barriers requires the ability to bring together comprehensive cost, quality and outcomes data in one streamlined experience tied to clinical evidence. And from there, you need to be able to actively identify drivers of supply cost and physician variation at the case level to determine whether that variation is warranted.  

The key is GHX’s proprietary data classification system and comprehensive research library. Along with visibility into market price insights and devices you may be paying too much for, you can actually compare clinically and functionally similar products across dozens of categories. The result? Greater potential savings and opportunities to improve outcomes.  

And GHX allows you to go even deeper. Identify cost drivers and variation on a physician-by-physician basis and have real conversations with physicians about the impact of their utilization patterns. You can even segment your analyses by facility, vendor, product type and product brand. The result is greater clinician-supply chain collaboration, allowing you to maintain a patient-first approach while still optimizing costs. 

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