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Reducing the Complexities of Compliance

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Today, helping to ensure maximum protection and security for those in your facility and care is critical. This requires credentialing all your vendor representatives.

With GHX Vendormate—and our No Badge, No Entry initiative is more attainable than ever. GHX compliance experts are ready to assist with health policies, such as temperature screening, for safer entry.​

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Foster Enterprise-Wide Compliance. It Starts With the 5-Part GHX Framework.

Achieve a more comprehensive view of compliance. We’ve developed a streamlined framework based on the seven foundational industry compliance elements, to help you manage compliance across your organization.

GHX Recommends the 5-Part Compliance Framework
Health System

1. Health System Compliance

All facilities across a health system should standardize credentialing processes and enforce using the same tools.


2. Vendor Compliance

All vendor entities should register with a credentialing platform—not just the ones that come on-site.


3. Individual Compliance

All business visitors should be registered with your credentialing platform.


4. Document & Policy Compliance

All vendors and their staff should comply with local, state and national policies and documentation requirements.


5. Badging & Facility Access

All visitors should obtain a badge to enter a facility. All vendor representatives who do not meet credentialing requirements, should be denied a badge. We recommend: No badge, No entry!

99% of healthcare organizations are not meeting their compliance goals.1

The Resources You Need to Address Compliance Proactively

When it comes to compliance, there is a lot to manage. GHX has curated resources developed by subject matter experts in healthcare credentialing and compliance—an invaluable benefit to creating safer spaces.

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A Partnership That Works for You—and With You

With over 15 years dedicated to healthcare credentialing, GHX has the knowledge, tools and experience you need to drive a culture of compliance.

Our compliance experts collaborate and guide healthcare organizations through risk reviews, training and compliance improvement plans.

Our innovative, consultative approach to compliance management provides data-driven methodologies, such as DMAIC2 and meets recommendations from OIG3 and CMS.4

Innovative reporting tools, including executive reviews and our companion tool (Scorecard), guide and inform data-driven compliance decisions.

Our kiosk solution for vendor check-ins is designed with safety practices. Our mobile app for vendors expedites badging for your facility.

Providers spend ~$39B per year to comply with the administrative aspects of regulatory compliance.5

GHX Vendormate Is Here to Help You

Navigate the Regulations & Improve Compliance Across Your Organization

1GHX Research—Medical Vendor Credentialing Providers Survey—June 2020
2DMAIC—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
3OIG—Office of the Inspector General
4CMS—Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
5American Hospital Association, 2017.
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