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Credentialing in an Expanding (Healthcare) Universe

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

In order to take advantage of geographic synergies or fill gaps in capabilities, healthcare providers are building strategic portfolios through mergers and acquisitions. As new locations and facilities are added to their health system, along with legacy processes and technologies, there is no shortage of change management planning needed. For vendor credentialing, where each location may have unique facility access requirements and visibility into vendor compliance is critical, technology that scales smoothly right along with growth of your health system takes on critical importance.

To uphold a promise of safety to patients and staff, credentialing for a flagship location has been a mainstay for many healthcare organizations but now the addition of clinics and sub-acute locations must be taken into account. Wake Forest Baptist Health has seen significant expansion resulting in a broad geographic footprint. Regardless of location, ensuring the safety of patients and employees across its entire expanding system is a priority. Wake Forest demonstrates its commitment to this mission through a number of system-wide programs. As a GHX Industry Advocate, Pamela Branscum, the Purchasing Manager for Wake Forest Baptist, shared some secrets to success regarding credentialing as her organization has grown.

When your organization is growing, your ability to efficiently integrate new vendors into the system and allow for the right facility access configuration grows in value. Having visibility to who is in a particular facility and knowing who they are doing business with is a key metric to track for maintaining safety. Every location is important when it comes to credentialing.