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Credentialing: Bridging the Gap Between Suppliers and Providers

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Is it possible to stay focused on a common goal and be successful even when both parties aren’t quite seeing eye-to-eye on how to achieve the end goal?

To say there is a little tension between healthcare suppliers and providers on the matter of credentialing, may be a bit of an understatement. The current environment of compliance requirements has led to frustration on both sides, even though, all would agree that better patient safety is worth pursuing. The reality is we can’t ignore the requirements on either side, so perhaps an intermediary, a bridge, an outside resource is needed to help facilitate the activities needed by both sides to achieve the common goal.

Amanda Gorman of GHX provides a humorous look at the tension between providers and suppliers where credentialing is concerned in this short Summit20 Talk.

The details, information and processes needed to fulfill compliance requirements can feel like an impediment to doing your job for both provider organizations and their vendors. A third party credentialing tool helps to bridge the gap and standardize the processes to meet compliance requirements utilizing technology built for purpose. You are working on the same common goal — better healthcare for patients — and this is where a third party can benefit the “team” by providing a bridge for communication and taking some of the burden related to transactional activities needed for compliance off both sides.

GHX helps vendor reps stay focused on their job by assisting with the hundreds of different credentialing requirements they must fulfill. We can take over getting the right documents delivered to the right places. This allows the supplier sales side of the team to focus on delivering great service to their customers and not on administrative tasks.

GHX helps providers focus on their job by standardizing processes and handling the communication with reps — taking that responsibility off provider organizations helps to alleviate some of the tension and gain confidence in its compliance practices. Vendors are an extension of providers. You are partnered together to deliver better healthcare and you need each other to accomplish that. Tension may arise but we can help you build a culture of compliance together.