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Cloud: The Rx for Healthcare

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The supply chain sits at the center of the healthcare industry’s ongoing transformation. A recent study by Navigant found that U.S. hospitals could reduce annual supply expenses by approximately $23 billion in aggregate through improvements in supply chain operations, processes and product use. To create the agile, resilient supply chain the industry demands, we’ll need a lot of computing power, something that previously was cost prohibitive for most industry stakeholders. 

Cloud computing changes the paradigm and offers our industry a tremendous opportunity to change how we manage and utilize IT resources. The cloud enables speed, scale and resiliency without major capital investments. With the cloud, we can re-imagine the supply chain’s potential because we can scale up the architecture and processing power as demand dictates, at a fraction of the cost. 

In my most recent blog post on, I discuss how the cloud offers a cost-effective model, along with massive computing power, to support the industry’s most innovative supply chain initiatives.

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Steve Cochran

Chief Technology Officer