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Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow again… Are You Digging Out of a Pile of Faxes?

Winter has been tough this year. It has been especially tough on customer service departments.


For many healthcare manufacturers, not only have you been buried in snow but also buried in faxes. When schools and businesses close because of weather, your customer service department is down resources or closed and the fax orders do not get keyed and the pile grows and grows.

G-Fax provides the reliability and consistency of getting fax orders into your ERP system by end of day cut-off times. G-Fax does not have any down time related to weather. 

How does it work?

The G-Fax solution uses a combination of optical scanning technology and data entry personnel to quickly deliver more accurate fax orders directly into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system – no need for your busy customer service reps to re-key fax orders. Suppliers using both G-Fax and Order Intelligence from GHX are realizing 80-90% touchless orders.

These results are being achieved because the fax conversion and Order Intelligence solutions have been enhanced significantly since they were first introduced. You can establish business rules to manage and route faxes that require specialized processing, such as rush or drop ship orders. And any touching of orders that is required can be done remotely. So orders get to the warehouse consistently and with high reliability.

G-Fax is the most reliable, timely way to get your fax orders keyed and dropped to the warehouse.

Why am I sharing this with you?

I know what it is like to not be able to meet daily cut off times as a result of school and business closings. It can often take days to dig out of the fax volume even if you miss just one day because you get inundated with calls checking on order status.

We can’t change the forecast or help you dig out of your driveways, but utilizing G-fax will eliminate the need for customer service to have to dig out of a pile of faxes.   

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Denise Odenkirk

Vice President, Supplier Sales