Healthcare Finance: A Smarter Approach to Receivables

Gain more predictable payment schedules, reduce fees and increase efficiency with our cloud-based, electronic solution for accounts receivables (AR). This innovative alternative to credit cards helps to align payment behavior with your desired business goals. Your customers will still receive the kind of financial benefits they have come to expect, such as rebates, and with flexible payment options that fulfill the needs of providers. Automation that’s smarter for everyone involved. 

“Those hospital customers that have automated payments through the GHX ePay solution view us as a supplier that is easy to do business with. Our team finds it very easy to use. 


It is far easier to train staff on the ePay solution because it is automated, versus training for credit card acceptance, which is largely manual.”


— Susan Fletcher, Accounting Supervisor


Features & Benefits

  • Control how payments are received using a preferred AP platform for 600+ hospitals
  • Expedite payments for an average DSO of 15 days or less
  • Reduce costly credit card fees and offer your customers a valuable payment alternative
  • Shift personnel to more value-added work
  • Automate and reconcile payments with ease
  • Enable a touchless, order-to-cash process

Product Information

ePay for suppliers
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