Establish a modern item data strategy with a foundation for success

Your item master data changes millions of times per year, making periodic updates insufficient to build a reliable data source. The path to a trusted single-source begins with a solid foundation. NuVia is a data management solution that is continually working to keep item data current, unified, precise and enriched. This modern approach to supply item data integrity is the foundation for your single source of truth.
Finanical Strength Hero

Financial, clinical and organizational initiatives depend on:

Price accuracy

Maximum reimbursement

Reducing clinical variation


Mitigating compliance risk

Understanding cost of care

Your modern item data strategy starts here with NuVia

NuVia continually monitors your organization’s item master for changes and updates, and then systematically corrects product data inaccuracies, removing duplicates and filling in missing information.

Help ensure clean data before moving to a cloud ERP to follow industry best practice

Value analysis teams can more accurately measure success and drive standardization

Build trust with clinicians and secure future support

Features & Benefits:

  • Monitors and systematically corrects the local item master by removing duplicates and infilling clinical and financial information
  • Access the most up-to-date and largest repository of verified supply item data in the industry
  • Complete, custom and multiple item descriptions meet the needs of downstream systems including your EHR
  • Utilize UNSPCS to provide categorization and support value analysis efforts
  • Increase reimbursement revenue with visibility to HCPCS-coded items entering your supply stream