How a GHX Summit and Clean Vendor Record Can Improve P2P Efficiency

May 15, 2024

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Is your vendor record perfect? Or do duplicate, inaccurate and erroneous supplier locations cause misdirected purchase orders (PO) and payments, past due invoices, and major headaches for your procure-to-pay team?

Nuvance Health describes how they set up their vendor record (and their team!) for success by collaborating with a key supplier to map the health system’s vendor record locations to the supplier’s correct taxable entities. Key to this collaborative effort was a chance meeting between Nuvance Health and their supplier at the 2023 GHX Summit in Chicago.

  • Scott Skrzypczak, Associate VP, Operations and Procure-to-Pay, Nuvance Health
  • Stephanie Floody, Accounting Systems Specialist/Accounting & Finance, Nuvance Health
Supply Chain Modernization

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