Bridging the Gap: Financial Literacy in Healthcare Value Analysis

May 14, 2024

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Judy Webb-Hapgood, a leading Chief Supply Chain Officer from the University of Miami Health System, and Suzanne Smith, an expert in Value Analysis at GHX, discuss the critical findings of AHVAP and GHX's recent industry survey, focusing on the pressing need for financial literacy within Healthcare Value Analysis (HVA) teams. Given that less than half of HVA professionals know their organization's net patient revenue, explore the profound implications these metrics have on things such as total cost-of-care, reimbursement rates and credit ratings. 

Dive deeper into the essential financial knowledge that HVA professionals should be able to understand and harness, as well as strategies for cross-team collaboration and the reasons why financial acumen is so important to driving value and quality in patient care.

  • Suzanne Smith, BSN, RN, Principal Solution Advisor, GHX
  • Judy Webb-Hapgood, MBA, RN, Chief Supply Chain Officer, University of Miami & University of Miami Health System - Miller School of Medicine
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