Clinical ConneXion℠

The key to a modern item data strategy

Clinical ConneXion is the automated data service that solves the hidden data integrity crisis. Break the chain of negative impacts from bad supply and implant item data. 

Why Clinical ConneXion?

Clinical ConneXion uniquely delivers full item data by unifying your existing supply and implant data with the industry’s largest item data repository. Being seamlessly embedded into your daily workflow, existing processes and EHR system, accurate and relevant data reduces the administrative burden along the data journey.


At Work with Clinical ConneXion


Item Data and Clinical Data Challenges
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Build a Solid Foundation for Understanding Cost of Care
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Clinical ConneXion℠
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The pressure is real for supply chain

The burden on item master data to support multiple requirements and to serve cross functionally has resulted in a steady incline in volume. But, you don’t have to abandon best practices for your item master to meet the needs of clinical documentation and revenue capture.

With Clinical ConneXion

Your existing supply and implant data is unified with the industries’ largest item data repository—the GHX Catalog

Data maintenance on supply chain is reduced


And, an easier and more efficient search experience results in more complete charge documentation

Bad data contributing to clinician burnout?

The reality, clinicians must balance their time between patient care and necessary administrative tasks. The EHR was supposed to make this easier but poor supply and implant data in the EHR stands in the way. Clinical ConneXion was created to tip the scale in favor of patient care.

"We have much better data now, it is much more accurate, which drives much quicker interactions for clinical staff members when entering supplies."

Blaze a new path to increase charge capture and revenue

Pouring money into EHR and ERP systems will not fix the underlying problem. But, address item data integrity to drive valuable results.

  • Improve revenue capture through more complete documentation enabled by fully enriched item descriptions including cost, UOM, HCPCS and flags to differentiate between supply and implant
  • Gain insight to the total cost of care with clean, accurate, complete and enriched data

"The amount of data that is clean and current from a chargeability perspective, with the correct costs and charges, is light years ahead of where we were. The number of clean bills has increased from about 45 percent to about 95 percent, and our revenue is much better."
-Supply Chain Improvement Analyst