Clinical ConneXion℠

Deliver expanded item data to your EHR
without growing the item master

Item master data has been on a steady incline with the use of electronic health records (EHRs) and the need for the item master to serve cross-functionally. With this growth, supply chain teams are challenged with management and maintenance that often goes beyond the typical skill set. But, you don’t have to abandon item master best practices to gain efficient, more complete documentation and improve revenue capture.

Modern item data that is unified, precise, known and current

Clinical ConneXion bridges the gap from a manageable item master to the broad universe of supplies needed in the EHR. The item master, daily updates of your purchase order (PO) history, and contract item data are filtered, de-duped and fed directly to your EHR. Quality data sourced from the GHX Catalog — a repository with millions of enriched and attributed items — is available at the point of care, leading to an easier and more efficient search experience for clinicians and more complete charge documentation.

Features & Benefits

  • Improve revenue capture through more complete documentation enabled by fully enriched item descriptions including cost, UOM, HCPCS and flags differentiating supply versus implant
  • Eliminate clutter and find relevant items in the EHR via a GHX proprietary algorithm with rule-based filtering and de-duplication
  • Find new item data for non-file spend from purchase order (PO) history — added to the EHR automatically within 24 hours
  • Improve tracking of supplies and total case-cost capture

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Clinical ConneXion℠
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Improve EHR Case Charge Capture with Clinical ConneXion
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