Vendormate Credentialing

Confirm Vendors Meet Your Standards and are Sound Business Partners

Vendormate Credentialing helps you manage your vendors and their representatives in a cost-effective way to meet your goals for patient safety, regulatory compliance, internal controls and facility access requirements. With Vendormate Credentialing's centralized and any-time access, you will always be prepared for the unexpected regulatory audit.

Your vendors are an extension of you

Vendormate Credentialing enables your staff to effectively conduct critical screening processes across your vendors. Using computer-generated badges at entry points into your healthcare facilities, your organization can set and check requirements for onsite representatives and confirm they have scheduled appointments with your staff.


  • Protect your operations with monthly federal and state sanction checks
  • Monitor your reps for compliance with government mandates
  • Implement specific requirements for training and immunization based on type of representative
  • Streamline vendor policy acknowledgments -- Stark law disclosures, gift policies, conflicts of interest
  • Utilize reporting to check that vendors meet compliance and internal control criteria


  • Eliminate unexpected disruptions to your supply chain by truly getting to know your vendors
  • Improve patient and employee safety by tracking who is in your facility and for what reason
Vendormate Credentialing

Vendormate Credentialing

Better manage your compliance goals and be prepared for external regulatory audits with Vendormate Credentialing. This brochure illustrates several options for badging vendor representatives as they seek access to your healthcare facility.

Visibility Over Rep Access Helps Protect Patient and Staff Safety and Mitigates Risk

Visibility Over Rep Access Helps Protect Patient and Staff Safety and Mitigates Risk

Palmetto Health implemented GHX vendor credentialing and access management solutions to gain better visibility and control over its vendor population, improve compliance with internal policies and with regulatory and industry requirements.