Vendor Compliance and Credentialing

Assurance of Safety for a Growing healthcare system
Assurance of Safety for a Growing healthcare system

Screen, Track and Identify Vendors

Get your trading partners and vendors in your network credentialed while you also address high priority compliance requirements with our credentialing solutions. We help you identify business associates and establish documented processes for validating critical information with regular reviews to meet goals for patient safety, regulatory compliance and internal controls.

Facility access coordinated with critical screening for increased vendor compliance and patient safety

Manage your vendors and their representatives with critical screening processes to help meet your goals for regulatory compliance, safety and facility access. Vendormate Credentialing provides customized facility access procedures and lets you maintain all credentialing documentation in one centralized, online location with on-demand access for improved audit preparedness.

Badging with Vendormate Credentialing

Learn how the Vendormate Credentialing mobile app speeds up the on-site badging process where you can quickly access a PIN for printing a badge at a kiosk or receive a digital badge when you arrive at a facility for a planned visit.

Forrest General Meets DNV Accreditation Requirements for Credentialing

Forrest General expanded their use of GHX credentialing and vendor management tools for developing a coherent vendor policy and purchasing process in pursuit of DNV accreditation.