Solutions for Providers from Procure to Pay

Reducing costs and boosting efficiency has never been more important. GHX helps you identify cost drivers and provides answers to those persistent challenges – transaction management, price alignment, up-to-date item master data, accurate trading partner information, compliance, contracting workflow, and automated invoice and payment solutions.



Your supply chain is highly complex. The foundation to gain control and manage this complex system comes through increasing automation. GHX provides solutions that help you transact electronically throughout the order process at a higher level – for med-surg products and implantable device orders and even with suppliers that are not EDI capable.



Boost on-contract purchases, tier-level pricing and process efficiencies. Tackle on-going challenges related to price accuracy, off-contract purchases, contract misalignment and utilization with enhanced visibility, simplified management and improved compliance.

AP automation

AP Automation

Automate invoice and payment processing for overall cost savings and take advantage of unique cash management options using GHX’s common payment platform. A holistic approach to invoice and payment processing delivers a powerful solution to drive strategic financial and operational goals.

Data Management

A single source of truth is your goal. GHX delivers just that with access to up-to-date data drawn from multiple industry repositories. Reduce errors and improve efficiency with search capability to a four-million-item, industry-wide catalog.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions with greater visibility for bottom-line savings. Prioritize efforts and initiatives, and find opportunities to increase utilization with analytics that provide a better understanding of your supply chain performance.

Compliance & Credentialing

Compliance & Credentialing

Knowing if your vendors meet your standards for proper credentials and training prior to coming to your facility can be extremely challenging. Our solutions help you credential the trading partners and vendors in your network, identify business associates and establish documented processes for validating critical information with regular reviews to help meet your compliance goals.

The Total Economic Impact of the GHX Platform for a Healthcare Provider

Check out the results from the Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examining the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying the GHX Platform and related products and services to automate the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash cycles.

Case Study

The Total Economic Impact™ Of The GHX Platform - Provider
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