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Interoperability in Hospitals

24 May 2024

Interoperability in HospitalsAlthough the NHS Digital’s Interoperability Toolkit and the Global Digital Exemplar Programme were launched years ago, hospitals have been hampered by crises and limited resources in achieving seamless data flows. Yet the benefits of interoperable processes in hospitals are immense. By establishing seamless data flows and promoting interoperability, healthcare providers can reduce costs, increase transparency and improve patient care.

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Responding to an Increasingly Complex Healthcare Supply Chain

13 March 2023

Responding to an Increasingly Complex Healthcare Supply ChainValue-based healthcare, video consultations and virtual wards - the healthcare industry is undergoing radical change as part of its digital transformation. Suppliers must keep up with their customers’ needs, provide digital experiences, increase automation and standardise their supply chain processes.

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Leveraging Data for Analytics and Insights

21 February 2023

Leveraging Data for Analytics and InsightsDigital transformation brings many advantages along with an abundance of data. If suppliers can harness this data to predict future events reliably, they can gain a competitive advantage and better support decisions impacting patient care. The key to success is predictive analytics.

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Embracing a Digital Transformation Strategy

30 January 2023

Embracing a Digital Transformation StrategyLower costs, optimised processes, stronger customer relationships: digital transformation is associated with many advantages for healthcare suppliers. However, to realise these benefits, more is needed than just introducing digital solutions. Suppliers must understand the entire customer experience and make their business processes as simple as possible.

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Efficient Healthcare Item Data Management

11 December 2022

Efficient Healthcare Catalogue ManagementProcurement processes shouldn’t start with the creation of a requisition. You should first ensure that you are using accurate, up-to-date item and pricing information. However, it isn’t easy to source healthcare item data directly from each seller. So what can be done to support procurement specialists and clinicians with quickly finding the item data they need? Which item attributes are required to support better-informed purchasing and clinical decisions? And to what extent can healthcare providers benefit from an item data management solution?

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2022 Predictions for the UK Healthcare Industry

07 January 2022

Integrated Care Systems, Scan4Safety, data and digitalisation - as we welcome in another new year, what will be the key areas of focus for the UK healthcare industry in 2022? We asked our expert, James Minards, for their top predictions. You can read their thoughts here.

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Insights from P4H England 2021

22 October 2021

P4H, the leading NHS procurement and supply chain event, was back live last month. During the day-long event, procurement, inventory management and logistics experts discussed what the next 12 months might look like for the healthcare supply chain. Our own expert, James Minards, was at the event speaking to NHS professionals and identified three key takeaways.

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Making Cost Savings through the Healthcare Supply Chain

26 July 2021

Making Cost Savings through the Healthcare Supply ChainHow do you cut costs without cutting services? In his final LinkedIn article on supply chain digitalisation, James Minards takes a look at the financial benefits of digitalisation and how it can help healthcare providers address costly supply chain inefficiencies without affecting the quality and frequency of patient services.

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Digitalisation Can Reduce the Burden on Healthcare Staff

08 July 2021

Digitalisation Can Reduce the Burden on Healthcare StaffHow much of a benefit could a digitalised supply chain be for the clinical front line? In his third article on supply chain digitalisation, James Minards looks at how automating procurement and inventory management operations can help healthcare providers reduce the amount of time doctors, nurses and care workers spend on non-clinical tasks.

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How Data-Driven Automation Can Free Up Time for Patient Care

16 June 2021

How Data-Driven Automation Can Free Up Time for Patient CareHealthcare providers have access to huge amounts of data, but is there an opportunity to use it more effectively to deliver better results for their patients? James Minards looks at how hospitals and trusts can use data to automate their procurement and inventory management and gain back valuable clinical time to spend on patient care.

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Can a Digitalised Supply Chain Unlock Better Patient Safety?

03 June 2021

Can a Digitalised Supply Chain Unlock Better Patient Safety?Digitally transforming hospital and healthcare trust supply chain processes brings significant financial and efficiency benefits, but it can also have a profoundly positive effect on patient safety. James Minards discusses how digital transformation of the healthcare supply chain can provide the key to unlocking much higher standards of patient safety.

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