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GHX Exchange Services helps to intelligently automate the validation and correction of every order type, every channel, every time.
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Our single global platform connects you to over 5,600 healthcare providers and gives you complete visibility of all your electronic documents for faster, more efficient order processing. The intuitive user interface is designed to work with your existing IT infrastructure and ERP system, helping to ensure an easy flow of transactions between you and your customers.

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Intelligent Business Rules is available in three options, so you can choose the features that best suit your business.


Improve accuracy and enrich your data with information mapping at item level, for more efficient clearing of transactions and parked orders.


Apply advanced logic and specific business rules to automatically identify and correct errors. Generate cleaner, better quality line item content and document formatting, helping to ensure your customers get the right product in the right quantity.


Map and enrich electronic documents at an individual customer level, for more bespoke customer service. Transform the way you manage complex orders, such as consignment, bill only and drop-ship, with our most advanced, rule-based logic.

Key Features Clearing Validation Advanced
Map information at item level, including item quantity, unit of measure and description, to enrich your data and improve accuracy Checkbox Checkbox Checkbox
Increase automation and error-free processing of high volumes of orders, using advanced logic on content and formatting   Checkbox Checkbox
Set specific business rules to automatically correct orders. Reduce the need for manual checks and corrections, saving time and money   Checkbox Checkbox
Self-service portal – create, update and remove transformation and enrichment rule packages   Checkbox Checkbox
Map, enrich and transform electronic documents to meet individual customers' business needs     Checkbox
Apply bespoke rules to transform data for consignment, bill only, and other complex order processes     Checkbox