GHX Procure

Helping you increase the efficiency of your healthcare supply chain

GHX Procure is a cloud-based procurement and inventory management solution that gives you the easy functionality of an online shopping platform, combined with efficient workflow, approval and stock management processes.

With different modules available, GHX Procure provides all you need to achieve smarter, more efficient procurement and inventory management. Get in touch for more information.

Supports the DHSC
Scan4Safety initiative
Incorporates Scan4Safety catalogue item attributes
Helps you meet your Model Hospital Procurement Metrics


Manage all your purchasing requests and approvals in one place and reduce maverick spending with end-to-end visibility of every transaction – from initial request to final approval.

Inventory Management

Get greater visibility of the stock you hold, to help reduce the risk of over ordering, prevent wastage, improve patient safety, speed up recall and save on costs and clinical staff time.


Industry leading product and pricing data

The most comprehensive supplier-managed catalogue available in healthcare, NEXUS gives your buyers access to over 2.5 million healthcare products from more than 800 repository catalogues.


Helping you get the best out of your supply chain processes

Our team of experts can work with you in an advisory and hands-on capacity to help you identify strategic opportunities to deliver cost and quality benefits and support informed decision making. With experience in all aspects of the healthcare supply chain, we offer a range of services including diagnostics, procurement best practice, catalogue management, supply chain resiliency and enhanced project management.