New GHX Supply Chain Product Data Report Reveals Continued Growth in Key Healthcare Segments in 2015

Medical Surgical Grew 4.4 Percent to $34.8B and Clinical Laboratory Grew 7 Percent to $7.5B
Louisville, CO - Thursday, March 17, 2016 -

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) released fourth quarter 2015 data on distributed sales in both Medical Surgical (med-surg) and Clinical Laboratory (clin-lab) product segments in healthcare. The new GHX Market Intelligence “By the Numbers” quarterly report reported that the med-surg segment grew 4.4 percent in 2015 to $34.8B in volume and 4.7 percent growth to $9.1B in the fourth quarter compared to fourth quarter 2014 ($8.7B). Clin-lab decreased 1 percent to $1.92B in the fourth quarter compared to results in fourth quarter 2014 ($1.94B), but overall experienced 7.0 percent growth in 2015 to $7.5B in volume.

The newly released GHX Market Intelligence quarterly market reports are based on data from the top 20 U.S. healthcare distributors, representing 75 percent of all distributed healthcare sales in the United States. This represents $40B+ invoice dollars and 100M invoice lines of distributed sales for medical surgical and clinical laboratory products and supplies annually. 

The complete fourth quarter 2015 Clinical Laboratory Segment and Medical Surgical Segment reports are available at GHX Market Intelligence. Highlights from the reports include:

Medical Surgical Segment

Medical Surgical Volume: (dollar volume by market segment)

  • The dollar volume of the med-surg segment totaled $9.1B in Q4 2015
  • Hospital continues to be the largest market at $6.0B or 66.1 percent of the total med-surg segment in the current quarter

Total Medical Surgical Market Quarterly:

  • Med-surg market segments as a whole experienced a 3.4 percent current quarter over quarter increase, growing from $8.81B in Q3 2015 to $9.1B in Q4 2015
  • Hospital segment experienced quarter over quarter percent increase of 4 percent growing from $5.8B in Q3 2015 to $6.0B in Q4 2015
  • Alternate Site markets experienced quarter over quarter increases of 2.0 percent from Q3 2015 to Q4 2015
  • Within Alternate Site, Treatment Centers experienced the largest percent increase of 8.8 percent growing from $345M in Q3 2015 to $376M in Q4 2015

Clinical Laboratory Segment

Market Segment Leaders: (dollar volume by market segment)

  • Point-of-Care Testing Reagents/Supplies was the largest major in this segment in Q4 at $916M or 47.8 percent of total clin-lab
  • Hospital was the second largest contributor at $628.5M or 32.8 percent of the total clin-lab volume
  • Home Healthcare is the largest contributor at $696.9M or 36.4 percent

Total Clinical Laboratory Market Quarterly:

  • Clin-lab markets as a whole experienced a 2.6 percent current quarter over quarter increase, growing from $1.87B in Q3 2015 to $1.92B in Q4 2015
  • Alternate Site segments experienced quarter over quarter percent increase of 1.4 percent growing from $1.27B in Q3 2015 to $1.29B in Q4 2015
  • Physician segment was the largest dollar increase of $13M and representing 3.3 percent growth
  • Home Healthcare experienced a decrease of 1.0 percent

Report Methodology

GHX Market Intelligence methodology and processes have been in existence for nearly 20 years, being refined and optimized to be the most accurate and complete source for market size and market share reporting for Clinical-Laboratory and Medical-Surgical. Each month, GHX receives data from the top 20 U.S. Healthcare distributors. The distributed sales information then goes through a rigorous process where the data is standardized, normalized and classified, using GHX proprietary algorithms, nomenclature and credentialed professionals. 

About GHX

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