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Market Intelligence

Power your data-driven strategy with the largest and most accurate source of market data in the industry

When you’re developing go-to-market strategies, you need accurate market information to attain insights into trends around market, company and product dynamics. Enter GHX Market Intelligence (MI). We use the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence databases to help you implement successful product strategy, track competition, and identify areas for market share expansion. In fact, manufacturers who leverage GHX Market Intelligence Analytics and Reports, increased their market revenue by an average of 6.4 percent.

Unparalleled Data and MI Analytics

Using supreme third-party data that represents 75 percent of all distributed U.S. healthcare sales, along with detailed data enrichment and categorization, GHX Market Intelligence provides you with visibility into your position in the market. It helps you identify opportunities, measure market share and evaluate sales force performance for better decision making and business growth.

Take advantage of MI Analytics which provides a user-friendly, web-based technology to aid in discovery and market data analysis to gain valuable insights from the GHX MI Data. The GHX cloud-based business intelligence solution is the preferred approach for our customers.

Benefits & Features

  • Identify market opportunities for new products and acquisitions
  • Understand market conditions, trends and company performance
  • Interact with data using modern, web-based analytics and reporting solution
  • Visibility into detailed product/SKU data
  • National, state and three-digit ZIP code data available at the product/SKU level
  • Standard and custom reporting on a wide range of market segments
  • Track sales force performance, using customized sales territory and reporting
  • And much more
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