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Take steps to help improve clinical efficiencies and drive down costs in operating rooms, cardiac catheterization labs and other procedural areas such as Endoscopy and Interventional Radiology.

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Improved quality control in support of patient safety

Inventory management and patient safety go hand in hand. Learn about key quality control measures that help support better patient experiences and quality of care including:

Expired product tracking and management

Syft’s inventory management software automatically flags expired and soon-to-be expired items and notifies users to prevent the use of these items and reduce patient safety risks. Thousands of hospitals also rely on Syft’s inventory services teams to conduct annual inventory audits to identify safety and compliance risks such as the use of expired items or unsecured storage of controlled substances. Learn more.

Tissue and biologic implant tracking and management integration 

Syft and TrackCore have developed a holistic solution for improved tissue and biologic implant tracking and management and adherence with regulatory requirements. Learn more.

Lab supply management 

Our lab supply management solution increases the efficiency and accuracy of lab supply and reagent tracking and monitoring. Key benefits include expiration, nearing expiration, and product recall alerts, change lot management including vendor non-compliance alerts, and many more. 

Implant tray management 

Automated data integration for implant trays allows custom configuration of data synchronization and implant inventory updates to the ERP. 

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Automated inventory ordering and forecasting

Syft Synergy manages PAR, perpetual, and 2-bin Kanban inventories (including blended environments); sending key real-time refill requests to the hospital’s ERP as supplies are consumed to prevent supply shortages.  

AI-enhanced demand forecasting analytics provide even greater visibility of supply and demand. This information helps to prevent the overstocking and understocking of supplies and ensure adequate supply levels for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

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More efficient clinical inventory management

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Automated charge capture and bill-only implant documentation in EHR/ERP/ORIS

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Less time spent manually tracking inventory usage

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Reduced need to leave the OR to find items not on preference card

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Accurate inventory levels and less time counting supplies

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Reduced open and unused supplies and costs