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Electronic Invoicing for Healthcare Providers

Streamline your payments with digital invoicing. Digitize and automate up to 100% of invoices with GHX.
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Optimize Your Invoicing Processes with GHX eInvoicing

Health systems and hospitals are under pressure to cut costs and increase revenue and workforce instability can mean that account payable (AP) teams have to do more with less. Transitioning to digital invoice processes can help ease operational and financial burdens.

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GHX eInvoicing users can save $12 per automated invoice on average.*

Automate all invoice types

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With GHX eInvoicing for healthcare providers, a health system or hospital can automate 100% of invoices, including:

  • Purchase Order (PO) and non-PO
  • Paper
  • Email
  • XML
  • PDF

FAQs about Electronic Invoicing for Health Systems

Automated invoicing for healthcare providers hospitals and health systems to receive invoices from their suppliers for which they must process to generate payments.

Once you've identified priority suppliers, communicate with them on the eInvoicing initiative to get their buy-in. Once implemented, the electronic invoicing for healthcare solution should enable the AP team to identify suppliers that cause the most exceptions and the reasons behind them. With these insights in hand, they can engage in conversations with suppliers on meaningful improvements

Choose an electronic invoicing for healthcare solution that has the capabilities to capture accurate and complete transactional data and present it to them in a timely and actionable way. It should feature an intuitive and interactive dashboard where they can see the big picture of invoice status across suppliers and drill down into transaction-level details. Intelligent analytics and reporting help an AP team understand the factors impacting their touchless invoice processing rate and address them.


*Based on GHX internal statistics, industry information, and assumptions based on industry information. Actual customer results may vary and are dependent on a variety of factors, including the level of customer engagement with GHX's payment and invoicing tools. GHX gives no assurance or guarantee that the same results or potential savings will be obtainable or prove to be correct.