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We provide a full range of intelligent e-Commerce and supply chain solutions specifically designed for the complex world of healthcare. Our technology processes millions of purchase orders and invoices a year across Europe. Each one is cleaned, checked and processed in a matter of seconds, helping you comply with the latest regulatory standards and requirements.

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We connect thousands of healthcare suppliers, manufacturers and distributors with hospitals and GPOs. Our technology enables the right devices, equipment, services and medicines to flow efficiently through the European healthcare supply chain.

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January 2022
How the healthcare sector can go green
Last year’s COP26 conference highlighted the necessity for increased sustainability across every industry, and healthcare is no exception. So how can the healthcare sector go green? James Minards looks at how interventions such as scaling down the reliance on single-use plastics and cutting waste through a more efficient, digitalised supply chain and procurement system, can help the healthcare sector meet its carbon reduction targets.
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July 2021
GHX Launches GHX Procure to UK Healthcare Providers

Upcoming events

Upcoming events
13 October - 13 October, 2022
ABHI Regulatory Conference 2022
The GHX Europe team will be at the ABHI Regulatory Conference in October.
Cavendish Conference Centre | London
22 November - 23 November, 2022
HCSA Annual Conference 2022
The GHX Europe team will be at the HCSA Annual Conference in November.
Stand 42 | Manchester Central