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Passionately partnering with the industry’s most innovative healthcare leaders around a common purpose: improving patient care and lowering the cost to deliver it.

Ghx Loesungen Gesundheitsorganisationen Ecommerce Exchange Services 545X465


The foundation for supply chain automation and data accuracy. Intelligently automate the validation and correction of every order type, every channel, every time.

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Ghx Header Lieferantenloesungen Erechnung Einvoicing 545X465


Cut through the complexity and make delivery and payment of electronic invoices simpler and faster. GHX can help you achieve compliant electronic invoicing across Europe.

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Ghx Loesungen Gesundheitsorganisationen Procurement 545X465


Find items, approve purchases and submit orders in one easy workflow with an online shopping platform that gives you greater control over your supply spend.

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Ghx Provider Solutions Inventory Management Ghx Procure Inventory Manager 545X465

Inventory Management

With growing demand for greater efficiency savings and improved patient care, hospitals are under pressure to improve their inventory management processes. GHX can help.

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Ghx Provider Solutions Catalogue Management 545X465

Catalogue Management

Clean, up-to-date and accurate data is the foundation for an efficient supply chain. Access and manage industry-leading product and pricing data all in one place.

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Ghx Krankenhausloesungen Beratung Conuslting Services 545X465

Diagnostics and Implementation Support

Expert advice and support for your challenges. Leverage our healthcare expertise in procurement best practice and supply chain optimisation.

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A bold vision for healthcare

Our passion for uniting the best of healthcare is driven by a powerful vision: create a viable and sustainable future for healthcare by arming organisations with the data, insights and technology they need to thrive in healthcare’s value-based future, where patients are at the heart of every decision.

GHX has a vision to create a future where affordable, quality healthcare is possible.

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