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Control the Cost and Time Associated with Hospital Credentialing

Denied hospital access means lost sales opportunities, which leads to lost revenue. Regardless of the size of your company, we have the right credentialing tools to help ensure access to those healthcare facilities that are critical to your business. 

More Open Doors for More Opportunities

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Your opportunity odds increase with greater compliance

Hear from our customers

"Our increased compliance with hospital customers' policies enhances our reputation."
"Great to have a central, well-trained group to call to clear up issues with all the credentialing needs we now have to face."
"Equipping our sales representatives with the ability to access needed credentialing documentation via Document Repository not only saves reps time, but frees up our administrators to manage strategic projects instead of documents."
"By centralizing and streamlining the process for reps to achieve hospital compliance, we experienced a significant reduction in credentialing costs."

Support and smart tools help you manage credentialing requirements and healthcare facility access plans

Whether you are ramping up your team for a new product launch or looking for ways to increase efficiencies for your established credentialing program, Vendormate can help with Credentialing Managed Services.

Single Point of Contact for all Credentialing Needs

Extra help when you need it to manage rep profiles

Administration of credentialing for your team and roster management can be time consuming. My Credential Manager helps you identify compliant/non-compliant reps and manage rep profiles and documents.

And get help when you need it — access to over 15 years of credentialing experience on the Customer Success Management Team.

Missing required documentation for compliance is one of the top reasons reps are denied access to facilities

Document Repository centralizes storage of compliance documents so you can monitor, manage and track all hospital-required documents. Administrators and reps can see the status of all documents to quickly identify and take action on credentialing requirements.

Go Mobile!

Bypass hospital kiosks at participating facilities
Download our mobile credentialing app to:

Create profiles

Add facilities

Stay up to date and current on hospital policies

Schedule appointments

Badging with Vendormate Credentialing

Learn how the Vendormate Credentialing mobile app speeds up the on-site badging process where you can quickly access a PIN for printing a badge at a kiosk or receive a digital badge when you arrive at a facility for a planned visit.

Did you know your sales representatives can go mobile?
By downloading our mobile credentialing app, your sales representatives can bypass hospital kiosks when signing out — or in, where healthcare customers permit. They can also snap and upload document images to their hospital credentialing profiles.

More than simply acquiring a badge

Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are built on trust, and your customers trust you with their facilities, their staff, sensitive data and proximity to patients. Making sure you're always adequately credentialed proves that you've earned that trust.

Personal Safety

Compliance protects you, too. It helps ensure that everyone you come into contact with at a facility is up to date on everything from hospital policies to immunizations, reducing health and safety risks.

Solid Reputation

Protect your reputation by maintaining credentialing compliance. Noncompliance, sanctions and fines can erode your credibility, hurt your company's brand and cause damage far greater than the cost of any associated financial penalties.