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Control the time and cost associated with hospital credentialing

Regardless of the size of your company, we have the right credentialing tools to help ensure access to those healthcare facilities that are critical to your business.

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Go mobile!

Bypass hospital kiosks at participating facilities. Download our mobile credentialing app to create profiles, add facilities, stay up-to-date and current on hospital policies and schedule appointments.

Mobile Hospital Access

Did you know your sales representatives can go mobile?

By downloading our mobile credentialing app, your sales representatives can bypass hospital kiosks when signing out — or in, where healthcare customers permit. They can also snap and upload document images to their hospital credentialing profiles.

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More than simply acquiring a badge


Strong relationships

Strong relationships are built on trust, and your customers trust you with their facilities, their staff, sensitive data and proximity to patients. Making sure you're always adequately credentialed proves that you've earned that trust.

Personal safety

Compliance protects you, too. It helps ensure that everyone you come into contact with at a facility is up to date on everything from hospital policies to immunizations, reducing health and safety risks.

Solid reputation

Protect your reputation by maintaining credentialing compliance. Noncompliance, sanctions and fines can erode your credibility, hurt your company's brand and cause damage far greater than the cost of any associated financial penalties.