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Want to improve physician-supply chain collaboration? Use physician-level data

Monday, April 25, 2022

From providing frontline care to holding leadership positions, physicians drive key quality and financial decisions across the care continuum. That’s why physician engagement must be an ongoing focus for health systems, especially in the era of value-based care.

Simple conversations with physicians that incorporate supply utilization data and substantive clinical research will help establish and foster a common vision and strategy for advancing quality across the heath system—in other words, a more clinically integrated supply chain.

Key Tactics to Engage Physicians

  • Discover a common mission and vision, such as value transformation across service lines or care-process standardization for improving the patient experience.
  • Make physicians key partners and ensure they have a seat at the leadership table.
  • Involve a spectrum of physicians throughout the lifecycle of an initiative, actively valuing their participation, time and expertise from day one to completion.
  • Identify and encourage physician champions and leaders, reinforcing the technical aspects of successfully managing projects.
  • Utilize physician data and clinical research to encourage engaging conversations among clinical and non-clinical stakeholders.

GHX Lumere’s Physician-Level Analytics supports this effort, enabling clinical, supply chain and administrative leaders to identify variation among physicians and present them with credible, granular data related to their supply utilization performance. Once physicians see and understand how their participation improves clinical collaboration, they can help accelerate strategic sourcing initiatives and monitor financial and clinical outcomes. After all, the more insight that physicians have into the rationale behind change, the faster they’ll get on board.

Learn more about how Physician-Level Analytics helps support the clinically integrated supply chain.

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Kirtan Patel, MD

Director of Medical Advising & Consulting