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GHX Acquires Explorer Surgical to Accelerate Value-Based Healthcare Delivery

Thursday, October 14, 2021

At GHX, we believe the democratization of data and knowledge is fundamental to value-based healthcare delivery, helping to reduce variability, improve clinical and financial outcomes and break down the walls of healthcare inequity. To accelerate value-based healthcare adoption among U.S. health systems and hospitals, the industry needs more efficient and effective ways to share impactful information on a broader scale. 

Building upon our 20+ year history of enabling greater collaboration between healthcare providers and suppliers, I am pleased to announce our acquisition of Explorer Surgical, a leading developer of digital procedural playbooks, real-time video collaboration and performance tracking tools that put best practices into the hands of procedural teams. This strategic move fuels GHX’s efforts in uniting the best of healthcare by facilitating industry-wide information sharing in service to a common purpose: to deliver better patient care at a more sustainable cost.   

Our acquisition of Explorer Surgical extends GHX’s portfolio of solutions that support the delivery of value-based healthcare, which align purchasing and utilization decisions with clinical evidence. As reimbursements are increasingly tied to producing positive patient outcomes, there will be more shared responsibility for managing risk among care providers and suppliers. Health systems and hospitals will rely more heavily on their suppliers to provide the data and expertise needed to improve care delivery and reduce costs, especially in the world of expensive implantable devices.  

Through its digital and remote case support platform, Explorer Surgical creates real-time connections between supplier representatives and provider care teams in operating rooms and procedural suites regardless of location, for increased access to known best practices or techniques. This helps drive standardization of best practices, reduce costly and risky variation and increase procedural efficiency and effectiveness.  

Uniting GHX, the industry’s largest network of providers and suppliers and an industry-leading collection of data and clinical evidence, with Explorer Surgical’s expertise in creating scalable, digital technologies that extend the reach of operational and clinical knowledge and procedural data, GHX will help broaden access to world-class expertise for the benefit of patients and families.