Ted Dagnal

Ted Dagnal is the Strategic Account Director at GHX and is responsible for all GHX initiatives at Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services. Dagnal has been shaping supply chain best practices in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, working with some of the largest health and research systems in the country.

He is passionate about bringing industry lessons learned, as well as more than 21 years of leadership service as a former U.S. Army officer, to actively help government clients transform and modernize their supply chains and improve the data quality in the federal healthcare environment. 



  • 20+ years in the healthcare industry 

  • Former U.S. Army Officer 

  • Established Prodigo Solutions Government Team  


Professional experience 

In 2008, Dagnal retired from full-time service in Pennsylvania Army National Guard in Harrisburg, PA and returned to Pittsburgh, Pa to start Prodigo Solutions Inc.  

Dagnal has been with Prodigo Solutions since its inception and was the Director of Client Services, and later the VP of Client Services, from 2008 to 2019. In that role, Dagnal was responsible for all customer support operations, project management, product implementation, and customer success. He also assisted with solution architecture, data quality improvement, sales, and established the Prodigo Solutions Security Team.  

Dagnal also established the Prodigo Solutions Government Team in 2017 and initiated the FedRAMP Assessment project to prepare the company and its technology to enter the federal government market. In 2019, Dagnal took on a new role as the VP, Government Strategy and lead the marketing and communications efforts to introduce Prodigo Solutions to the federal government. His efforts helped to win the VA Supply Chain Master Catalog Program in 2019 and he is leading that Program to improve VA data quality, enrich item attribute information, and improve contract utilization.  

He also led the FedRAMP authorization and ATO approval process for the GHX Marketplace platform at VA. Dagnal was part of the Prodigo Solutions Executive Team that successfully commercialized Prodigo Solutions in 2023 with the acquisition by Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX). His leadership and the company’s success on the VA Supply Chain Master Catalog Program significantly improved the value of Prodigo Solutions and contributed to its successful merger with GHX. 


Areas of expertise 

Healthcare supply chain automation and standardization, IT System and data integration, medical/surgical data standardization, supply chain process improvement, Program Management, healthcare supply chain best practice. 




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