Price Alignment

Up-to-date, Accurate, Automated Contracting Processes – Yes Please!

GHX helps you tackle price alignment challenges by reducing price discrepancies and automating labor-intensive processes for better visibility, simplified management and improved contract compliance.

Grease the wheels on contracting workflow

Reduce the time spent administering contracts and speed up the activation process. Collaboration Portal streamlines the often-cumbersome process of negotiating and moving a contract through approvals. Electronic tracking throughout provides visibility and synchronized price activation between manufacturers, distributors, providers and GPOs, and reduces errors in purchase orders and invoice discrepancies. 

Beyond the perfect order is the perfect price

It’s an often-bumpy road between manufacturers and distributors when it comes to notifying contract price changes, reconciling chargeback and rebates, and tracking returns/recalls and administrative fees. The ability to quickly update can have a significant impact on cost savings and customer service levels.

Single Channel Services automates the advanced transactions to address this challenge that is impacting the industry by over a billion dollars annually.