Price Matters, But Value Matters More

Do business the way your customers prefer — using fully automated, cost-reducing processes that make ordering a breeze. Our e-commerce solutions make it easier to do business with you and allow you to stay focused on value-added activities — two important ways to separate from the rest of the crowd.

Operational excellence that also makes you easy to do business with

Establish a foundation of efficiency in order and transaction management with GHX Exchange Services to enhance transparency of order details and communication with your trading partners. You can extend the benefits of Exchange Services with solutions that boost order accuracy and efficiency from providers without EDI capability.

Eliminate the manual process from faxed orders

Customer-faxed purchase orders can be converted and added directly into your ERP system, eliminating the need for manual data entry with the help of G-Fax®. Manual order entry is greatly reduced, along with potential errors, and GHX can handle multiple languages.

eCommerce is within your reach

When EDI resources are limited, WebDirect is an alternative solution. Using internet access and a simple registration process, you can still get connected to the largest healthcare trading partner community and receive, view and respond to electronic purchase orders.

Manage more EDI transactions through your GHX Exchange connection

Consolidate all of your electronic order channels with TradingNet. Receive orders electronically from any trading partner and use a single reporting platform to simplify customer support. Utilize the full suite of Exchange services with non-GHX EDI customers and reduce your technology overhead.

Turn-key service for end-to-end EDI mapping

Regardless of the circumstance — implementing a new ERP, consolidating ERP systems due to merger or acquisition, or the need to focus internal resources elsewhere — a turn-key EDI mapping solution can get you up to speed faster.

Order Intelligence Enables BD to Review and Cleanse Orders for Improved Accuracy

Glen Pfeiffer, e-business manager, explains how GHX Order Intelligence saves the time and effort of dealing with rejected orders by giving them the opportunity to review and cleanse orders before they get into their SAP system.